all proceeds donated to avera children's mental health


After news of a local Sioux Falls school child that committed suicide due to bullying we felt as a studio we had to do something.

In order for children and adults to live up to their full potential and live a life well deserved showcasing their talents, we need to spread kindness and encouragement. Love, positivity, compassion and trust are important keys to start that groundwork within children. Showing what it means to be kind versus how hate feeds hate is a stigma we need to change. 

Growing up in our society, and locally in Sioux Falls, has become more and more difficult. With all the backgrounds we come from, trying to acclimate in this world can be very tough for a child. Taking time to respond to someone, come from an understanding place, then showing kindness can go a long way. 

Our first project was a "Being kind is cool" sweatshirt. If you see them around town, give them a big high five as it is the start of something great to bring awareness to this cause!

ALL proceeds from the shirt have been donated to Avera Children's Mental Health

Mental health and suicide has no age, gender, racial or ethnic prejudice.